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Excavations and researches in the city center of Stratonikeia show that there has been a settlement since the Late Bronze Age. The name of the settlement is; In the Hittites Period, Atriya, Khrysaoris and Idrias in the Archaic and Classical Period, Stratonikeia in the Hellenistic Period and Eskihisar in the last period.
Renovated in the name of Stratonike, the wife of Seleucid King Antiochus, who was on the throne between 281-261 BC, the city was besieged by the Romans during the rebellion of Aristonicos in the city when the Kingdom of Pergamon inherited the Roman Empire in 133 BC.
The city was organized in the Hellenistic Period with a Hippodomic plan and the same settlement system continued during the Roman Imperial Period. Since the settlement became smaller after the Roman Period, there were settlements in certain parts of the city during the Byzantine, Principalities and Ottoman Periods.
In the ancient city, two different city walls (3,600 m in length) belonging to the Archaic and Classical Periods, the largest Gymnasium in Anatolia from the Hellenistic Period (105x267 m) and the Theater, the Parliament Building (bouleuterion), Hamam complexes, There are structures such as Agora, Temples, City Gates, Colonnaded Street, Fountains and Water Structure, Tomb Monuments. Apart from the calendar inscription of Menippos (Augustus Period), the names and prices of all goods and services sold in the city in Latin Roman Period (301 AD) are located on the walls of Bouleuterion (Assembly Building).
Churches (Erikli, Isa and Michael church) and houses can be seen from the Byzantine Period. Apart from these, the Beyliks Period bath (Selçuk Hamam-14-15th century AD) in the Village Square, the Ottoman Period Mosque (Saban Aga Mosque-1876) and the Ottoman Fountain (19th century), Aga Houses (18-19. century), shops by the street (1912), Adnan Menderes Period Square Fountain (05.04.1954) and houses.
Stratonikeia is one of the rare places where the structure and city texture can be seen together with the Ancient Period, the Ottoman and the Republic Period. The fact that many buildings belonging to different periods are intertwined is a unique opportunity for those who will visit the city. All of the historical buildings in the ancient city can be visited on the Ottoman paved roads.


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