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Pergamon: The ancient city and its ruins which is located at the top of the hill has highly impressive view from modern city ‘Bergama’ which is taken its name from ancient city Pergamon.  According to acheologist ancient city Pergamon has been built at the very top of the area to impress its visitors by its magnificent view in antiquity. From this perspective it can be said the city still protected its own memory which from antiquity.  Transporting to the acropolis of pergamon is provided by cable cars with the view of western settlement ruins part of the city. After you are walking around ancient ruins of pergamon by historical information and identification of ruins ( Suitable shoes are recommended!).  Pergamon is included among the top 100 historical sites on the Mediterranean. Important ruins of Pergamon such as Zeus Altar which is one of the seven wonders of antiguity, Athena gateway and some other artifacts are exibited in Berlin, Germany in special museum named Pergamon Archeaolohical musem in present.  Pergamon is one of the important miles stones of human history. Ancient library of Pergamon is known as the second largest and richest in antiquty. According to acheaological history ‘Parchment’ which is made of animal skin was discovered in Pergamon for manuscripts instead of sensitive papyrus leaves which is imported from alexandria. Theather of Pergamon which is known as the steppest theatre in antiquity, Traiaus hall which is temple dedicated to Roman Emperor, Royal palaces which is dated 2nd century AD, ancient city walls which are surounded all around the city, Ground plan of Zeus altar Which is included one of the seven wonder of antiguity and Athena temple, are other important artifacts included in your tour.  After you back to your vehicle to break for lunch in Bergama. Bergama highly traditional place which is unterruptedly settled down by many civilizations. Because of that it has a kitchen with many different options with meat and vegetables. Bergama meatball, Cıgırtma ( traditional fried eggplant), Turkish pitta with meat and vegetables (wodden fire oven), and some other special food options can be tasted.  


Asclepion: After you back to vehicle for visiting Asclepios which is known the first healing center and hospital in antiguity dedicated to God of Healing Asclepios. According the historical information famous doctor Galen was born and educated in Pergamon. The Patients who are staying in the hospital during the treatment, were treating by music therapy and water sound which is always running around the site.  Round shaped underground hospital for surgery and other opperations, fontain of sacred water, theather for music therapy, library of hospital, sacred way of hospital, temples dedicated to Asclepios and Athena, are can be seen in Asclepios Ancient Healing Center.  After visiting Asclepios you back to vehicle for transfer you Hotel, Airport etc..


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